Morgan Hill, CA

2017 Services & Fees
TS Paints is a Private Facility.
All visits are by appointment only.

Board : $650
per month
- Includes premium hay (Breakfast and Diner Grass/Alfalfa blend),
 pine shavings,  twice daily stall cleaning, and fresh clean water.
Extra Hay Feeding for Lunch $35.00

Full time Training: $350 per month
($300 for Longe Liners)
- Includes training, lessons, blanketing, and maintenance scheduling
(Scheduling of Vet, Dental, Chiropractor, Farrier, and Wormer rotation)

Full time Lessons (over 6 lessons per month) : $250
Lessons available by appointment only.
Lesson $45.00- Discount for multiple family members.
Private Lesson $65.00
Per ride fee $35.00

* Family and multiple horse discounts offered.

     Wormer, Vet work, Dental, Farrier service, supplements, and body work additional.

Show expenses:
    * Haul - 65 cents per mile  (maximum)
minimum of $50.00 for local haul)
Paso Robles $180
APHA World Show Haul $1900
Scottsdale, AZ $500.00
Rancho & Brookside $225.00
My haul fee is well below current market pricing.
  Damage to my trailer, or any trailer commissioned
 in our caravan is to be reimbursed at the horse owners expense.

    *  $45 Horse Show Day Fee

*  $40 mane banding fee
*  $35 Show Clip
*  $20 Maintenance Clip
*  $250 Body Clip
* Braiding expense is $55 to $95
* Un-braiding expense  $10.00
* Removing Bands $5.00
* Tack & Storage Rooms: Split equally between the TS Paints Clients
    * Entry, shavings/bedding, mats, stall fees, are owner's expense and responsibility.
Sachs hay my be brought to shows at no charge for boarders with permission.
Sachs Bedding may be purchased and brought.
My Shavings are currently $6.50 each.   Horse show bedding is whatever they charge.
Keep in mind some facilities do not allow shavings to be brought in.

* Stall fees are collected and sent in together
prior to stall deadline or rate increase. 
Tack and Storage rooms are split, and billed.

Board is due by the 10th of each month
regardless of invoice date.

A $45.00 late fee will be charged per horse on late Board.

All other fees are due on receipt of invoice date.
A finance fee of 12.75% will be charged after the 15th day of each month on the past due amount.

All fees due must be paid in full prior to horse leaving my facility for a show, home,
or another facility.  Sorry, no exceptions other than emergency Veterinarian services.